Our targeting products

Our target holder products are designed to meet the technical needs of police, gendarmerie and internal security forces.

To meet the specific needs of their training courses, we offer a complete range of targeting products. We adapt to all technical and operational requirements, as well as different constraints, to create customized solutions.

Projector CPF1-4

The CPF1-4 target projector projects an image directly onto the media.

Target holder jaw MT102

MT102 visual holder jaws are adaptable to all your target holders to match your entire targeting system.

Projector CP360-7

The CP360-7 target projector projects an image directly onto substrates using 360° dynamic projection.


The Running-man target-holder has been designed for shooting training on the move.


The rapid appearance of our Pop-up target holder makes it easy to set up dynamic training sessions and work on reactivity.

Pivoting AC102

The AC102 Swivel Target Holder offers versatility of use on the ground or on the hook, and is compatible with various target thicknesses for customized training.

We offer a complete range of target practice products tailored to your specific needs. Qu’il s’agisse de tir sur des cibles fixes, dynamiques, en mouvement, en extérieur, Z-shot est votre partenaire de confiance pour des entraînements de tir opérationnel de haute qualité.