Target holder jaw MT102

MT102 visual holder jaws are adaptable to all your target holders to match your entire targeting system.


MT102 visual jaws are designed for long-lasting, efficient use of your installations. They are compatible with all target holders for ease of installation, and can withstand up to 20 impacts without risk of return (impacts spread over all surfaces and rods excluding fixing points).


Assembly :

  • Normal vertical
  • Inverted vertical (head down)


Technical data :

  • Rod plus clamp for supports from 5mm to 55 mm (any material, usually extruded polystyrene)
  • Tightening with butterfly screws
  • Material: Aluminium + 6 mm steel screws


Height: custom-made from 30 to 120 cm
Weight: 0.6 to 1 Kg depending on stem length
Width: 50cm for 40 to 60cm wide supports

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