The target system of the French security forces

Z-shot has established itself as the reference target system for the French internal security forces.

Targeting at the heart of training

Z-shot offers innovative solutions for training French forces, enabling them to be as close as possible to real-life conditions.

French police, gendarmerie, special forces and internal security forces are trained to spot potential dangers in all possible situations, identifying real threats, analyzing the situation and firing if necessary.

This training also aims to control the accuracy of the shot in specific target areas. This is why they include training and shooting sessions throughout the exercise period.

These training sessions are specific to each type of weapon, structured and require a defined number of bullets for evaluation. They are scripted to reproduce a realistic environment and real-life situations.

A variety of targets for all types of training

Z-shot offers a wide range of target holders to suit all types of training and technical requirements.

Z-shot is specialized in creating targets to meet all the needs of special forces in France. Our different targets are suitable for all types of training, whether it’s precision shooting, shooting while moving, outdoor or indoor exercises, role-playing, and much more.

Thanks to their specific features, our targets can be used to diversify training by offering different modes of apparition, activation and movement. This multiplies the possibilities for scenarios and situations, contributing to a more complete training experience.

Target programming, for personalized training

Z-shot adapts its programs to work with you to design personalized workouts with specific automations and actions.

Our targets are programmable and/or controllable in real time thanks to our Z-shot E-lite solution. They can be controlled remotely, either manually or by programming. Automated reactions based on specific actions or motion detection add interactivity to training sessions.

Pre-programming actions-reactions enables different training scenarios to be created and executed at the desired time. For example, targets can be programmed to appear at specific times, with the presence of “friendly” and/or “enemy” targets simultaneously, individually or in groups. This flexibility makes it possible to recreate realistic situations with a single enemy or a crowd effect.

Realistic immersion for authentic training

Z-shot has the ability to create training sessions that are as close as possible to real-life conditions, for authentic situations.

We offer installations that reproduce realistic conditions of intervention by adding lighting and sound effects. Managing brightness, colorimetry, sound and smoke effects enables us to recreate authentic environments. For example, we can simulate night lighting, crowd noise, sirens or gunfire.

This management of the sound and visual environment enables us to create training sessions that are as close as possible to real intervention conditions, offering particularly immersive and realistic training sessions.