The Running-man target-holder has been designed for shooting training on the move.


The Running-man target-holder has been specially designed for shooting training where movement is a key component.

It enables shooting training in motion and the realization of complex training scenarios including different dynamics.

The Running-man target carrier moves along a rail at 3 configurable speeds: walking (4km/h or 1m/s), short strides (8km/h or 2m/s) and fast strides (12km/h or 3m/s); to reproduce realistic situations in motion.

It can be mounted perpendicular to the firing point, behind the deflectors, or in the firing direction (aggressive target).


Complex scenarios
Shooting on the move


All the IT is embedded in the target carrier

The Running-man target holder is compatible with all our steering systems.


Compatible with MT102 visual holder (5-55mm)
Buzzer and LED indicators


24V electric motor controlled by PLC
3 speeds
Double cart for MT102 support
Nylon rope pull
Steel or aluminum track

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