High-intensity training with Z-shot

Z-shot equips action forces for high-intensity training.

High intensity in a military context corresponds to an extreme confrontation in which each force exploits its combat power to the full, making optimal use of its operational functions within a defined time-space. It is generally observed on the scale of a theater of war, as defined in Information Report No. 5054, submitted under Article 145 of the French Rules of Procedure by the French National Defense and Armed Forces Commission, at the conclusion of the work of a fact-finding mission on high-intensity preparedness, on Thursday, February 17, 2022.

High intensity: the ultimate preparation for armed forces

Z-shot offers innovative solutions for simulating high-intensity urban combat conditions, providing realistic, immersive training for armed forces, special forces and counter-terrorism.

Simulate armed conflicts in authentic situations

Thanks to our expertise in target management, visual, sound and special effects, we faithfully reproduce actual situations of armed conflict on training grounds. We modulate lighting conditions, intensity and colorimetry to simulate different battle environments. For example, we use sodium-based lights to recreate urban night-time conditions.

Our sound technologies can reproduce a variety of sounds, from city sounds to the noises of battle, sirens or explosions. Visual effects such as flashes or smoke creation can simulate the effects of gunfire, flash grenades, explosions, collapsing buildings or bombardments. In addition, our ability to generate flames over 2m high enables us to simulate explosions and fires in a variety of situations.

From targeting to high-intensity simulation

To meet Army requirements and simulate high-intensity combat scenarios, we have developed integrated targeting and environmental management solutions. We control every aspect, from sound to lighting to smoke production, to recreate the reality on the ground as faithfully as possible.

Our solutions create high-intensity combat situations in urban, industrial, residential or rural environments, similar to real-life combat conditions.

Z-shot E-lite: High-intensity management

Z-shot offers its high-intensity training programming product for scripting conflict situations in real time.

Our Z-shot E-lite solution enables us to program and control the various elements of our installations in real time. This enables us to create complete scenarios, with the possibility of integrating interactivity through the detection of different actions, such as motion or impact on targets.

Following this detection, the activation of various system components can be automated and programmed in response to certain actions, enabling the creation of more complex scenarios.

By mobilizing all the resources of armed units and reproducing combat scenarios in near-real conditions, we recreate situations of high-intensity urban conflict.