Target system made in France

Z-shot supplies Made in France targeting equipment for internal security forces, police, gendarmerie, special forces, counter-terrorism and the French armed forces.

Made in France targeting equipment for emergency forces

Z-shot equips French internal security forces, special forces, counter-terrorism and the French army to optimize their shooting training with Made in France targeting equipment and latest-generation technologies.

Targetry Made in France: At the heart of target practice

Shooting training is a crucial part in the training of French forces. It is specific to each type of weapon, within each unit. Each weapon has its own specific uses and operating conditions.

We reproduce real operating conditions. Our scenarios are carefully designed to recreate authentic environments and situations.

That’s why our training equipment is equipped with advanced features. For example, impact detection, programming and remote management in real time.

From targeting to high-intensity simulation

To meet Army requirements and simulate high-intensity combat scenarios, we have developed integrated targeting and environmental management solutions. This way we control every aspect of it, from sound and light to smoke production. All this to recreate the reality of the field as faithfully as possible.

Targeting and innovation: a winning duo

We provide intervention forces with the latest equipment and technologies to optimize their shooting training.

Technical products for real-life situations

Our targets and target holders are designed to reproduce real-life situations for training intervention forces. These include internal security forces, police, gendarmerie, special forces, counter-terrorism and the French armed forces.

Our target supports allow the rapid appearance of  friendly  or  enemy  targets, fixed or mobile, to create surprise effects and add complexity to scenarios. So you can create a variety of courses, indoors or out, for close or distant combat, static or mobile.

Target management and control

With our Z-shot E-Lite solution, you can program or control every element of your installation directly. Our advanced systems for managing light, sound and special effects, such as flash, smoke and flames, allow you to simulate a variety of environments, from daytime urban settings to nocturnal cottages.

This enables us to recreate complex, interactive scenarios, faithfully reproducing the conditions of high-intensity conflicts.

Our references

We are currently equipping various French security organizations, helping to boost their operational capabilities and efficiency.

CENZUB French Army

Fresnes Prison



French National Gendarmerie

Paris Police Headquarters



French National Police

French National Police Academy



Our values

We are committed to providing innovative, state-of-the-art products tailored to the needs of action forces. We provide training as close as possible to real-life conditions.