Our remote control products for intervention forces

We offer various solutions to control your installations.

Our control systems

Our systems allows you to control your installation manually in real time or by programming the action of its components, to create basic to the most complex training scenarios. Thanks to our expertise, we offer solutions tailored to the needs of all operating forces.

Z-shot E-lite accessories

Pilot accessories compatible with Z-shot E-lite create an immersive, interactive world for more realistic shooting practice.

Remote control

The V3 remote control allows you to control each target gate individually or as a group, with great operating flexibility.

Z-shot E-lite

Z-shot E-lite is a complete control center for efficient management of your entire targeting system, offering maximum flexibility for creating customized training scenarios with automated management of light, sound and special effects, as well as manual and semi-automatic control options.

En combinant notre télécommande avec le programme Z-shot E-Lite,vous pouvez gérer votre installation en mode manuel ou en conjonction avec des scénarios préprogrammés déclenchés à distance. This allows you to create immersive scenarios, faithfully reproducing the real-life conditions your teams may face.

When you choose our piloting products, you benefit from high-performance solutions tailored to the specific needs of action forces. Ensure optimum preparation of your teams by opting for our advanced piloting systems.