Z-shot E-lite accessories

Pilot accessories compatible with Z-shot E-lite create an immersive, interactive world for more realistic shooting practice.


To perfect and optimize your installation, you can take advantage of all kinds of customized accessories.

These will enable you to create immersive training sessions, simulating lighting, sound and special effects that mimic real-life intervention conditions.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of accessories. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any accessories or products to complete your installation.



IoS tablet for remote control of the Z-Shot E-Lite, supplied with shock protection, neck strap and hands-free strap.


Lighting and special effects

  • White or RGBW spotlights (multicolor, including strobe and dimmer)
  • Smoke machine (depending on room size)
  • High Brightness Stroboscope
  • Flashing lights, police siren, whistle



  • Doorway sensors
  • Motion radar


Sound system

The sound system is adapted to the type of ambience required, from miniature loudspeakers for interior rooms to “cluster” sound systems (rendition, combat, airplanes, helicopters, nature, crowds, etc.).

In the stand, simple loudspeakers can be used to create an atmosphere for the shooters (riots, sirens, dogs). In CQB or outdoor fields, sound accessories can be used to recreate dynamic moving sounds that simulate realistic outdoor environments, such as aircraft passing by or gunfire coming from different points…


Network accessories

  • DMX splitter
  • DMX Merger
  • ArtNet decoder/encoder
  • Switch ArtNet
  • 0/10V demultiplexer (analog control)
  • PWM demultiplexer (RGB or RGBW stripled spotlight control)
  • Relay demultiplexer (all powers)
  • 8-16 or 24-channel multiplexer (for interception of external events)



  • Fixed cameras
  • PTZ camera
  • Control unit with views
  • Remote recorder / Player (debriefing room)
  • FTP or fiber optic network


Combined with remote control
Via tablet or iOS phone


Customization and accessories on request


Compatible : DMX, I2C, MIDI, DALI, 0-10V...

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