Z-shot E-lite

Z-shot E-lite is a complete control center for efficient management of your entire targeting system, offering maximum flexibility for creating customized training scenarios with automated management of light, sound and special effects, as well as manual and semi-automatic control options.


Z-shot E-lite is a central control unit designed to efficiently control your entire targeting system. With unlimited target management, this software offers you a multitude of training possibilities and scenarios to enhance your shooting sessions.

Z-shot E-lite integrates a universal communication system, making it compatible with thousands of accessories. This means you can create the lighting and sound ambience you want, to recreate a completely immersive training experience. These components are essential for understanding and analyzing a situation and its environment, offering training conditions similar to the real thing.

You can program a variety of specific situations and conditions into complex sequences, or Time-Lines, to suit all your training needs. These Time-Lines can also be activated by external triggers such as door contacts or volumetric detectors. This software lets you explore multiple configurations and tailor your sessions to suit your goals and requirements.

Z-shot E-lite aims to simplify certain operations while maintaining the system’s flexibility. You can use a mobile shooting keyboard in the stand for manual functions, while computer software automates the management of light, sound and special effects. What’s more, you can combine the use of the software with one of our piloting controls for interactive, personalized management of your workouts. You can combine automated management of sound, lighting and special effects with manual or semi-automatic target management.


Target control :

  • Individual
  • Group
  • Time-Line
  • Up to 55 targets in basic version
  • Unlimited number of targets in higher versions


Lighting control :

  • All types of white or color DMX spotlights with effects and dimming control
  • All D2T-R8* on/off projectors
  • All PWM* projectors
  • TOR controls also integrate beacons and designators


Special effects control

  • DMX or On/Off* smoke machines
  • DMX pyrotechnic machines
  • All special effects are DMX-compliant
  • Gateways for non DMX effects


Sound control :

  • Direct output to computer plug: several superimposable sounds
  • Spatial sound for D2T-Audio 3W cards (unlimited via ArtNet or sACN network)


Technical data

  • Output: DMX, ArtNet and sACN
  • Sunlite3 DMX motor


*Optional cards


Combined with remote control
Complex scenarios
Via tablet or iOS phone


Customization and accessories on request


Compatible : DMX, I2C, MIDI, DALI, 0-10V...

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