Remote control

The V3 remote control allows you to control each target gate individually or as a group, with great operating flexibility.


The V3 remote control gives you total control over your targeting system. It is particularly well-suited to introductory and advanced shooting training centers.

It lets you control each target holder individually or as a group, with great operating flexibility. This lets you personalize your training sessions by adjusting movements, positions and scenarios for each target.

The remote control features a manual mode for precise control of each target holder. The semi-automatic mode, on the other hand, incorporates pre-recorded programs for basic training, with adjustable timer and random mode.

The V3 remote control can manage up to 100 targets in pages of 10 commands, allowing you to efficiently control a large targeting installation.

Since 2011, the stand-alone remote control can be combined with Z-shot E-Lite software. This allows you not only to control all the targets in your installation, but also to manage additional states or sequences. You can perform actions such as turning lights on/off and triggering specific sequences to create an even more immersive and interactive training experience.


Target control :

  • Individual
  • Group
  • Up to 100 targets simultaneously or 2 running targets


Manual mode:

  • Control up to 100 Friend-Enemy targets in pages of 10 commands
  • Global control per page or for all targets
  • Real-time face selection
  • Recall of individual selections
  • Display of target status
  • Flashing light and siren control
  • Control 1 or 2 Runnings


Automatic mode

  • 4 programs included + 1 external call
  • Sequential program with programmable on/off times
  • 2-7 and 3-7 programs with automatic stop at 10 movements
  • Random program programmable with on/off times


Combined with Z-shot E-lite


12V DC power supply
45-key keyboard + LCD display
Automatic charger included
Hand-free strap
Range: 150m in open field

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