Pivoting AC102

The AC102 Swivel Target Holder offers versatility of use on the ground or on the hook, and is compatible with various target thicknesses for customized training.


The AC102 Pivoting Target Holder, or Police, is specially designed to meet the needs of training, basic shooting courses, intensive sessions and performance evaluations. Its Friend-Enemy (1-0-2) rotation function offers versatility for a variety of training scenarios.

With its robust, maintenance-free design, the Police target-holder is ideal for police academies and training centers requiring intensive use. You can rely on this equipment for repeated training sessions without compromising its performance.

The Police target-holder can be used directly on the ground, fixed to the bottom of a pit, or as a high-hanger. This adaptability allows you to create a variety of training scenarios and tailor the experience to your specific needs.


Distance shooting
Precision shooting


Driver compatibility

Compatible with all Z-shot drivers and most other drivers by gateway.

Radio control

The target can be controlled by radio command


Compatible with MT102 visual holder (5-55mm)
Optionnal shielding
Target offset


Rotation time 0.3s
Pneumatic drive


Dim: W560 cm D180 cm H180 cm

All target holders are supplied with MT102 aluminium visual jaws. jaws, accepting brackets from 5 to 55 mm.

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