The rapid appearance of our Pop-up target holder makes it easy to set up dynamic training sessions and work on reactivity.


The BAC102 Pop-up, or Basculant, target-holder is a piece of targeting equipment specially designed to meet the operational needs of special forces.

With the target appearing in less than 0.5 seconds, the Pop-up Target Holder offers unrivalled responsiveness. Its pneumatic motor ensures smooth, fast movement. Designed on a wide base, the target holder is perfectly stable.

What’s more, the built-in castors make it easy to move the target holder around the stand, allowing you to customize your training to your specific needs.


Complex scenarios
Dynamic situations


Driver compatibility

Compatible with all Z-shot drivers and most other drivers by gateway.

Radio control

The target can be controlled by radio command


Compatible with MT102 visual holder (5-55mm)
Target offset
Buzzer and LED indicators


Pneumatic drive
Rise time: < 0.5 s


2 and 3 mm steel case
Base: L70 W30 H55 cm (+ wheels)
Weight: 20kg

All target holders are supplied with MT102 aluminium visual jaws. jaws, accepting brackets from 5 to 55 mm.

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