Pivoting J102

The J102 pivoting target holder, specially designed for operational outdoor shooting, offers a superior level of waterproofing. For optimum training, these target holders feature advanced functions such as external signal triggering and automatic reset.


Z-shot’s J102 pivoting outdoor target holder is specially designed to provide the ultimate training experience, whether indoors or out.

The J102 external target holder makes the target appear almost instantaneously. This feature adds a dimension of realism to your training exercises, simulating real-life scenarios.

It is also equipped with an on-board program that enables it to react autonomously to an external event, and to react appropriately according to certain predefined conditions.

The name J102 refers to the jungle and positions 1-0-2, representing Friend-Neuter-Enemy respectively. This configuration offers great flexibility in the design of your training exercises. You can simulate different situations by modifying target positions, offering a variety of scenarios for complete and effective training.


Dynamic situations


Impact detector

The target returns to its neutral position after an impact and cancels the time delay.

Response indicator

The target triggers a behavior following an action and retaliates.


Targets can be programmed in series. E.g.: when target 1 is shot or released, target 2 is activated, etc.

External trigger

Appears on trigger that can be connected (ground contact, detection cell, infrared barrier)

Motion and passage detector

The detector can be mounted on a variety of supports and provides information on movement and passage.

Reaction delay

A presence timer can be programmed. After X seconds, the target engages the reaction if it has not been shot.


Compatible with MT102 visual holder (5-55mm)
Optionnal shielding
Target offset
Buzzer and LED indicators
Outdoor stabilization kit


24V battery
Direct or networked radio or DMX interface
Enhanced IP67 sealing (IP68 optional)
Self-centering system


Base: L65 W18 H15 cm
Overall: L56 W18 H30 cm
Weight: 8kg

All target holders are supplied with MT102 aluminium visual jaws. jaws, accepting brackets from 5 to 55 mm.

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